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for all of Products and Services provided to its customers including Wireless Network Solutions,Remote Access
Solutions, Virtual Private Networks Solutions (VPN), Branch Office Solutions, Video and Network Security Solutions as well as VSAT and Network Cabling Solutions.

SANTEC Communications Interconnecting the World
can provide the right network solutions for you business and integrate it with your current environment. There's no need to develop multiple stand-alone systems.
Engineering Services of SANTEC Communications covers all phases of the growth cycle of a customer's Data, Voice and Video systems including planning, design, implementation, life-cycle and optimization. We can begin to service our customers anywhere along the development cycle.

It is very important to protect your VoIP Internet Connection's during power outages by using backup battery powered devices (UPS) provided by SANTEC Communications as part of Packaged Services.

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has the capacity to provides information's about you network products and technologies.

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In today's market the most important challenge for SANTEC Communications is to provide: reliable, scalable, flexible, secure and easy to maintain - Networking Solutions to our customers.

We understand that our customers will have to rely more and more on the Internet in order to be able to communicate anywhere in the world using voice, data and video applications. Our Mission is to deliver this broad new spectrum of platforms and applications to our customers is as efficiently as possible. Whether your company is a large enterprise, a small to medium size business or a residential office, SANTEC Communications is committed to helping you by offering Pre-sales and Post-Installation Support for all products and technologies for you network, to ensure that your investment is protected and operates efficiently.

1. Design Engineering (DE) *

SANTEC Communications Engineering Department will provide the following:

a. Perform Network Engineering Design based upon Customer requirements, which entails revising and/or changing the existing network design package.
b. Review the physical and logical existing network design to insure network objectives in compliance with the Customer requirements.
c. Synthesize Customer's Network requirements for Performance, Security, Capacity, and Scalability, and other Customer's major goals.
d. Present to the Customer all types of Network products and services that will meet the Customer's requirements which will include the following:

i. Providing complete network topology/connectivity maps, which will include major configuration parameters, hardware and software, including cables and management modems.
ii. Listing for the Customer all Network pitfalls or outcomes which should be avoided.
iii. Presenting to Customer the Site Survey Form for interpretation and evaluation with the necessary recommendations.

e. Explain to the Customer the major advantage to purchase the Field Maintenance (FM) from SANTEC Communications.

f. Work in detail with the Customer Account Team on the proposed Network Design.
g. Perform all Network Design modifications for Hub Sites as well as for Remote Sites related with:

i. Layer 1, 2 and 3 parameters.
ii. Routing Protocols.
iii. Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) - Hardware & Software (HW/SW)
iv. Connectivity Diagrams - including IP addressing scheme.
v. DLCI mapping,

h. Make recommendations on routing layer protocols, addressing scheme, connectivity specifications, and physical topology.
i. Generate formal Statement of Requirements (SOR), which will be presented to the Customer for approval and will include the following:

i. Technical Team structure and responsibilities
ii. Implementation strategy and Design strategy
iii. Hardware (HW) and Software (SW) requirements
iv. Out-of-band equipment required for remote access
v. Service Maintenance package requirements
vi. Procedures and strategy to obtain network information requirements
vii. Change management procedures requirements

j. Create Customer Design Document (CDD), which will include:

i. Details of the network design requirements
ii. Network topology
iii. Hardware & Software configurations, for Hub Sites and Remote Sites
iv. Specifications of Layer 1, 2 and 3 parameters
v. Routing protocols design
vi. IP addressing plan
vii. Out-of-band remote accessibility requirements
viii. Create an appropriate Network Documentation
ix. Crate a Transition Plan for Network Turnover (TPNT) of Operations, with all service parameters included, for handoff to the Carrier.

k. Review the entire documentation package with Customer personnel in order to gain formal approval and signoff.

* Please see Packaged Services


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